The Terms & Conditions ("T&C") herein are binding on all persons participating in this Contest organized, conducted and operated by Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd. ('Sunstar Inc.').

This T&C shall operate in conjunction with the Ora2 Malaysia – White Hokkaido campaign.

  • Sunstar Inc. reserves all rights to vary, amend, delete or supplement any of the T&C herein, at any time in its sole absolute discretion and without prior notice.
  • By entering and participating in this Contest, participants are deemed to have accepted the T&C unconditionally and shall abide by them during the entire duration of this Contest.
  • Entries that are submitted after the application period will not be accepted.
  • Ora2 Malaysia Facebook page is the official site and '' is the official microsite of this Contest.

White Hokkaido Campaign Period (Malaysia)
  • Campaign Period : 1st December 2017 – 28th February 2018
  • Submission & Application period: 20th December 2017 – 28th February 2018
  • Determination of winners : 15th March 2018

Seasons of Smile to Japan Prizes
Grand Prize x 2 pairs : Visit Hokkaido for each pair
1st Prize x 3 : Fujifilm Instax mini Instant Camera worth RM400 each
2nd Prize x 5 : Car Camera worth RM250 each
3rd Prize x 1 : Sunstar or2 Premium Gift Set

Application Method
  1. Participants must purchase the Ora2 product worth a min of RM28.00 to participate in the Contest. The receipt must be produced upon request by the contest officials;
  2. Participation must be done by logging into the Ora2 campaign microsite: '' A Participant must completed the entry form and submitted together with an original receipts as proof of purchase into the Ora2 campaign microsite; Original receipt date from 1st December 2017 to 28th February 2018 are eligible to participating in the contest.

  3. The participants must uploaded the original purchase receipt (showing a minimum of RM28.00 purchase) in a single receipt;
  4. The participant must filled-up all the particular in the space prepared.

  5. The participant may submit multiple of fully completed campaign entry form thru the campaign microsite with the original receipt as the proof of purchase but participant is only valid for one(1) prize.
  6. Contest entry form which is incomplete, illegible, altered, disfigured and/or late entries without complying with any of the clauses stated herein shall be disqualified.
  7. Contest entry form which is not attached with original receipt herein shall be disqualified.
  8. Each original receipt ('proof of purchase" of Sunstar Ora2 product) are eligible for one(1) entry with purchase of RM28 and above of Sunstar Ora2 products in single receipt which shall be applicable to all participation store.
  9. Participant from any nationality are entitle to participant in the contest but must be above the age of eighteen (18) years with a valid national identification card (NRIC) or valid passport at the time of participation of the campaign.
  10. Photocopies of the receipt are not eligible for the participation and shall consider as disqualified.

Selection Process
  1. Once the participants have completed the entry form and uploaded the original proof of purchase receipt into the Ora2 campaign microsite, the contest officials will filter the submissions according to the criteria and proof of purchase receipt.
  2. Total of 20 winners will be entitled to the prizes. Each winner is entitled only one(1) prize for the entire campaign period and are non-transferable, returnable, exchangeable for cash, credit and other items or vouchers in the part of full.
  3. Selection of the winners will be based on the lucky draw method and shall have correctly answered the entire question stipulated in the campaign.
  4. The winners will be notified by Ora2 Malaysia Facebook page, Campaign microsite, Ora2 Malaysia website, email or phone call.
  5. In the event of the contest officials is unable to contest the potential winner(s). The contest officials reserves the rights to, and without prejudice to any other right or remedies, select the next eligible winner(s). All the participant shall ensure all the contact information filled in the contest entry form are correct and able to contacted during office/ business hours.
  6. Once the grand prize winners have been selected, the prizes are non-transferable, returnable, exchangeable for cash, credit and other items or vouchers in the part of full.
  7. Contest officials will contact the selected candidates to confirm if they have met the requirements for selection, i.e. if they have their passports and schedule of travel in Japan. The contest officials will directly inform the winners if they have won.

A total of 22 winners* will be selected from all participating areas.
Grand Prize : 2 pairs (Total 4 persons)
1st Prize : 3 winners (Fujifilm Instax mini Instant Camera worth RM400)
2nd Prize : 5 winners (Car Camera worth RM250)
3rd Prize : 10 winners (Ora2 Premium Gift set)

Announcement of Winners
The winners will directly be contacted by the contest officials through private messages under their respective Facebook accounts / or direct messaging on their Instagram accounts Ora2 Website, campaign microsite. A general list of winners will also be posted on the Ora2 Malaysia Facebook page and the Ora2 campaign microsite ''

Points to Remember

  • Participants must ensure that they are in stable health and condition to travel and be actively involved in the Ora2 activities.
  • Limited to those who have no issues with the schedule of travel in Japan.
  • Participants must ensure that they have valid travel documents ready and are able to travel to Japan without a guardian.
  • The participants shall be responsible for all incidental expenses incurred in relation to the Contest including costs for mailing, interconnection fee, communication fee and etc, unless if specifically specified otherwise herein.
Selected Winner
  • The candidates to be selected for the Grand Prize are limited to those who are physically fit to travel, and are able to complete the necessary formalities for going abroad and submit the written consent for the group tour within the specified date only.
  • The winners of the Contest shall not transfer their rights to other persons or convert the prizes into cash.
  • The Grand Prize winners are responsible for all the meal, traffic and accommodation expenses in their countries, travel insurance, costs required to complete the necessary formalities for going abroad, local airport imposed taxes, round-trip fuel surcharges, airport facility usage fee, and others.
  • The Grand Prize winners are also responsible for their meal and transport expenses in Japan.
  • The Grand Prize winners must be sure to purchase travel insurance prior to departure.
  • The contest officials will provide the 1 Grand Prize winners with a round flight ticket to Japan from the participating area/country and hotel accommodation during stay in Japan.
  • The departure date will be updated. However the departure date is subject to changes and the winners will be notified of any changes accordingly.
  • The contest officials will inform the Grand Prize winners of the departure/arrival airports.
  • The contest officials will outsource travel services to Japan Travel Bureau (Malaysia) S/B ('JTB').

Right of Publicity

Sunstar Inc. and the contest officials do not take responsibility for any violation of the right of publicity towards the participants of and in this Contest. Where the consent of third party is required in order to apply for this Contest, such consent must be obtained prior to submitting the application. In the event any conflict(s)is/are encountered with the third party after the application has been made and/or after photographs have already been submitted in the Contest, it is the responsibility of the participants themselves to resolve any such conflict(s), and shall not involve/affect other parties.

Private Information/Photographs for Application

The contest officials shall delete and discard the private information submitted by the participants upon completion/conclusion of the Contest.

By participating in this Contest and providing the required information, all participants are deemed to have agreed and consented to the collection, processing, use, disclosure and retention by contest officials of your personal data in the manner as set out in the Personal Data notice given pursuant to Section 7 of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).

  • The contest officials reserve the right to change the prizes without any prior notification.
  • All prizes will be delivered by our designated courier service to the address within Malaysia written in the entry form in the campaign microsite.
  • All prizes are accepted entirely at the risk of the campaign winner, and the contest officials excluded all liabilities, representation and warranties in connection with any prizes to the extent permitted by law.
  • The participants shall obey and comply the contest officials' terms & conditions of each prizes.
  • The participants shall obey and comply the contest officials' management in this Contest and shall not make any objections against the management method and decisions.
  • All decisions by the contest officials and/or its judges in the campaign shall be final. All correspondence from participant to the campaign shall not be entertained.
  • By participating in this campaign, participants agreed to be bound by the official terms & conditions and decision of the contest officials.
  • The contest officials accept any responsible for the acts, omission, fault, default and/or misstatement of the third party.
  • Sunstar Inc. and the contest officials shall not be responsible for any harm and/or damage caused by the use of the relevant sites for this Contest.
  • The participants shall cooperate with Sunstar Inc. and the contest officials in advertising 'Sunstar Ora2' as messengers, when requested.
  • The contest officials reserve all rights to substitute the contest prizes with other prizes of equal value without giving any reason and/or prior notification.
  • Prizes from the Contest are not exchangeable for cash, credit or items of any kind and are not transferable.
  • The contest officials reserves the absolute right and at its sole discretion to change, amend, delete and/or ass to these campaign terms & conditions without prior notice at any time and the participants shall be bound by is deemed to have agreed to such changes.
  • Private information provided in the contest application form is used for the activities of this Contest and Sunstar Ora2 Malaysia campaign only.